Stator laminations are made up of thin metal sheets that are stacked, welded, or bonded together. By making them from individual pieces of metal rather than a solid pieces, they experience less eddy current losses.

stator laminations

Using electrical steel, the core for electric motors, parts are chemically etched and bonded allowing for precise and intricate patterns to be etched onto the laminations with tolerances to ±0.025mm, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

This process is highly controlled and offers several advantages, including the avoidance of stress, contact and heat which can distort / alter the properties of metals affecting magnetic properties, and burrs which can affect winding.

Materials: electrical /silicon steels, cobalt alloys, nickel alloys

key features

high quality and efficient motor production

  • produce complex shapes and patterns
  • high accuracy
  • stress and burr-free
  • repeatability
  • cost-efficiency

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