optimum performance

For optimum performance, meshes and sieves require:

  • precision
  • flexible hole configuration

Tecan’s precision manufacturing process allows aperture profiles of components to be easily and accurately optimised – not only in size but also shape – to ensure efficient throughput ONLY of the element or material being processed.

One of the key advantages of the high precision sieves and meshes we produce is their ability to provide consistent and reliable results. By using our processes, manufacturers can achieve precise particle size distribution, which is crucial for ensuring product quality and meeting industry standards. Additionally, they are designed to be durable and long-lasting, making them a cost-effective investment for businesses looking to improve their production processes.

Sieves and meshes play a vital role in various industries by ensuring accurate particle separation and improving product quality. Their ability to provide consistent results and durability make them a valuable asset for pioneering manufacturers.


Meshes can act as suspension mediums or screens for other particles or components to allow the maximum amount of a given element or material to flow through without affecting structural integrity. This can include x-rays, photons /lumens and electrons. They can even consist of large apertures with strong but fine bars (+/- 10% of the material thickness) dependent on the specific maximum flux of material required.


  • Maximun material flux
  • Fluence (the time-integrated flux of a radiation or particle stream)
  • Strength


Sieves essentially act as filters, designed to accurately separate particles based on size, ensuring fine detail and to avoid cross-contamination or poor quality of product. The use of high precision sieves significantly improves product quality and consistency, leading to increased efficiency in manufacturing processes and other applications.

These specialised pieces of equipment are designed to meet the growing requirement for finer and finer apertures with faster and faster output. It demands analysis and consideration of droplet /particle size- whether gases, liquids, sugars, starches etc – or even light.


  • perfect aperture definition to prevent clogging
  • flexible hole configuration e.g. elliptical, hexagonal, circular /conical holes to enable self-release
  • burr-free to avoid filtration issues and clogging

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