We work with leading manufacturers to produce high quality intercoolers for fuel-efficient applications.


Cooling is one of the best efficiency gains for modern day applications and intercoolers play a vital role. Most commonly used with turbocharged engines, an intercooler counteracts the heat of compression and heat soak in the pressurised intake air. Compressed air gets very hot causing it to lose density and therefore, oxygen which is essential to fuel-efficient combustion, improved economy and reduced waste.

To make use of the compressed air, it needs to be cooled to increase density and oxygen — this is where the intercooler comes in. Intercoolers are commonly known for applications in turbocharger engines but also serve purposes in air conditioners, refrigeration and gas turbines.

key features

As a leading manufacturer in customised micro precision parts, Tecan provides the industry with high precision intercoolers

  • Burr-free, stress-free, ultra-smooth surface
  • complex design patterns and contours
  • Extremely accurate hole features down to ±25µm
  • improve reliability and effiency
  • Scratch/pit free parts

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