we provide industry with high quality heat exchangers for complex applications.

heat exchangers

Heat exchangers transfer heat from one liquid or gas to another without them mixing. They typically consist of a number of thin metal plates with complex channels that the liquid or gas flows between. Plate heat exchangers are often etched as it is an efficient way to produce large volumes of channels and can be diffusion bonded to create a block.

By using photo chemical etching, we can produce complex designs, with a precision of ±25µm and with a low tooling cost. The process significantly reduces limitations on channels, ridgetops, headers, collectors and port features. Etching removes mechanical or thermal stress and leaves no compound planarity. Almost any metal can used, even highly corrosion-resistant ones.

Similar plates are used in applications such as cold plates and cooling plates for electric vehicles, printed circuit heat exchangers and heat sinks. In addition, they can be found in applications for aerospace, electronics and linear motors.


As a leading manufacturer in customised micro precision parts, Tecan provides the industry with high precision heat exchangers.

  • Burr-free, stress-free, ultra-smooth surface
  • Extremely accurate hole features down to ±25µm
  • Scratch/pit free parts
  • All kinds of hole sizes, design patterns, complex contours achievable

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