As a leading manufacturer in customised micro precision parts, Tecan provides the industry with high precision flow discs. In addition to gas flow discs, Tecan also provides various fluid flow discs widely used in industrial fluid monitor and control.

flow discs

A flow disc is a thin metal part with micro apertures to accurately control the flow stream. It is widely used in flow meters/regulators that require high accuracy of dispensing control, e.g. flow regulators for medical dispensing, flow meters for industrial gas control, etc. Thermal mass flow meters measure the mass flow of gases, employing a combination of heated elements and temperature sensors, with thermodynamic principles used to derive actual flow. In the thermal mass flow meter, the critical component is the laminar flow element (LFE). It is used to create a shunt. In the case of a thermal mass flow meter based on a bypass principle, the mass flow is measured in a bypass of the main flow channel. Due to the specific dimensions of the LFE the same linear pressure/flow characteristics as the capillary sensor tube can be created.


Our flow discs

  • Burr-free, stress-free, ultra-smooth surface
  • Extremely accurate hole features
  • All kinds of hole sizes, design patterns, complex contours achievable
  • Bio-compatible materials suitable for medical flow applications
  • 100% automated inspection possible
  • Scratch/pit free parts – preventing extra flow

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Chemical Etching solution for high tech company

The award-winning thermal mass flow meter which we have developed with our customer incorporates a high-precision laminar flow element solution with an integrated turbulence filter for mounting inside a fluid flow channel. This element is constructed with piled-up plates with inflow and outflow openings which incorporate grooves and channels.

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chemical etching

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