Encoder discs gather data around speed, position, or direction by translating motion into electrical signals.

encoder discs

Fundamental to the efficacy of an encoder disc are accuracy and consistency. This is dependent on the counts per revolution (or resolution) of the disc. By using chemical etching, we can ensure a high aspect ratio, and high-resolution encoders with superior accuracy.

We work with companies developing applications around motor feedback, factory automation, process and machine control, conveying, robotics, high-accuracy motion control, positioning, and measurement.

key features

As a leading manufacturer of customised micro precision parts, Tecan provides the industry with high precision encoder discs.

  • burr-free, stress-free, ultra-smooth surface and slots
  • multi-layer option
  • high stability and durability
  • scratch/pit free parts

achieve motion control with Tecan’s encoder discs

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