The bio-compatible microneedles developed by Tecan feature ultra-smooth and sharp edges. Compared with the current industry level, Tecan's etched microneedles are much higher quality, resulting in much less skin invasion and contamination.

dermaroller microneedles

Microneedling is an innovative method of skin treatment that involves using a tool, referred to as Dermapen, Dermaroller, or Rejuvapen, with many super-tiny needles to penetrate the stratum cornea, or the superficial layer of skin. The reason behind the treatment is that skin will naturally build up collagen and grow healthier when facing the “wounds” from the micro-punctures.


Take advantage of Tecan’s innovative dermaroller microneedles for reduced skin invasion and contamination

  • high quality miniaturised microneedle
  • bio-compatible materials
  • sharp and clean

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