We provide industry with high quality bipolar fuel cell plates to support sustainable technologies.
unlocking the power of performance: introducing bipolar fuel plates

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Bipolar fuel plates are a key element in a fuel cell (a device that converts chemical potential energy into electrical energy), by stacking precisely manufactured plates on top of each other to create a large surface area for chemical reactions to take place. The chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to create water releases electrons and warmth. The electricity is used to power a variety of transportation vehicles such as cars and trains. Besides transportation bipolar fuel plates can be used to generate electricity and warmth for the heating of residential buildings.

Hydrogen -and so, fuel plates – is the missing link in solving the storage of energy without polluting the planet.

A fuel cell is a device that converts chemical potential energy into electrical energy. Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) is one specific fuel cell technology that is highly suited to automotive applications due to its energy conversion efficiency, package compactness and operating temperature.

Bipolar fuel cell plates constitute one of the most important parts of the PEM and AFC fuel cell stack with multifunctional character.

They distribute fuel, gas and oxygen over the whole active surface area, join together the anode of one cell to the cathode of another, provide electrical conduction between cells, facilitate fluid management within the cells, remove heat from the active areas and more.

our solutions

As a leading manufacturer in customised micro precision parts, Tecan provides the industry with high precision bipolar fuel cell plates to support sustainable technologies

  • Fast prototyping
  • Higher electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Edge and burr-free
  • Double-sided etching to optimise surface area
  • Consistency in high volume
  • Wide range of materials and thin plate design

our bipolar fuel plate solutions

Our unparalleled technology capabilities enable us to provide the sustainability and renewables industry with the highest quality, high-precision metallic bipolar fuel cell plates which are cost-efficient tofuel cell plate produce and which feature superior properties.

When made using traditional methods, fuel cell plate solutions lack structural integrity, have low power output, thick bulky plates, high manufacturing cost and are vulnerable to rust. Bipolar fuel plates manufactured using chemical etching meet the challenge to produce high precision and consistency.

Tecan is a high-precision fuel cell manufacturer, offering a wide range of materials and plating as well as complex design options. Chemical etching (also known as acid etching) allows us to use a large variety of materials and by using double-sided etching we can maximise material surface area.

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