the Muon Group

As micro-precision components are becoming the key factor for companies when developing their competitive edge, Muon believes that offering successful small-scale answers to complex questions requires acting on a bigger, professional and global scale.

Complementary technologies are brought together under the Muon Group to produce precision components for innovative, mission-critical products.

Located in Dorset in the UK, Tecan is a leading manufacturer of customised micro-precision parts. Using chemical etching, Tecan quickly attracted a wide range of work from companies that recognise the advantages of etching over more conventional manufacturing methods.

  • Veco B.V.
    Located in Eerbeek, the Netherlands, Veco is a world-leading manufacturer of micro-precision parts. With electroforming as its main technology, Veco serves the world’s most innovative high-tech companies in industries that demand high quality and precision.
  • Millux B.V.
    Located in Wijchen, the Netherlands, Millux (formerly Reith Laser) is a specialist in laser material processing for the high-tech industry. Millux serves the industry with world class laser micro machining capabilities.
  • Atul Sugar Screens Pvt. Ltd.
    Located in Pune, India, Atul is a sales office whose main function is to provide technical and sales support to Veco’s sugar customers in India and neighbouring countries.
  • LouwersHanique B.V,
    Located in Hapert, the Netherlands, LouwersHanique provides advanced precision technologies such as mechanical processing, laser machining, joining technology and thermal processing in the world of technical glass and ceramics.
  • STC Material Solutions
    Based in St Albans, Vermont, USA, STC is a pioneer in innovative solutions in technical ceramics and hermetic sealing, serving the most extreme mission critical applications.