As semiconductor processes and design technologies become increasingly sophisticated, there is an ongoing demand for ever more complex, smaller and precise assembly solutions. Manufacturers need to move at a fast pace: exceptionally short lead and run times help bring semiconductor innovations to the market first — a crucial aspect if you want to become or remain a market leader.

The precise manufacturing process we employ at Tecan can create lead frames for ever thinner package sizes, with smaller footprints and higher density leads.


Chemical etching enables quick turnaround times in the supply chain. The process is highly efficient and can be easily scaled up or down to meet the demands of the production schedule. Tecan has unmatched flexible tooling capabilities and provides the semiconductor industry with customisable solutions with very short lead times – ideal for prototyping and short to medium production runs.


Plus, because chemical etching is highly accurate and creates burr- and stress-free parts, it significantly reduces the risk of having to repeat a production run due to errors or loss of quality. Here at Tecan we can hold inventory in stock, which helps protect our customers at critical moments.


Compared to traditional machining methods, chemical etching requires less tooling and setup time, leading to lower production costs. Additionally, the process allows for the simultaneous production of multiple parts, further increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


An in-house metal finishing facility provides a wide variety of finishes, and with the full technical back-up of an on-site laboratory combined with a class 100 cleanroom area, Tecan can ensure total process control.
Tecan also offers a powerful and experienced co-development service to help you deliver the next generation of semiconductor solutions. An expert team can work with you to explore new ways to manufacture the parts that help you innovate.


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If you have an etching project that requires a high level of precision and expertise, don’t hesitate to contact Tecan. With years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, Tecan offers a range of etching services, including chemical etching, photo etching, and metal etching, that meet the unique needs of each customer. Contact Tecan today to discuss your etching needs and take advantage of the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

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