The TECpack range of prototype screening solutions provides an ‘on-the-bench’ modelling system developed to enable electronics engineers to trial screening cans, fences and lids quickly and easily. More importantly, the TECpack modelling system facilitates a level of screening effectiveness much closer to custom-manufactured screening cans than is achievable via other traditional modelling techniques.

key features

  • ‘on-the-bench’ modelling system
  • cut-and-form sheet solution
  • fast screening evaluation
  • fast convenient and cost-effective
  • available from stock

TECshield 40

A prefabricated sheet matrix system with the appearance of graph paper, from which engineers can cut and fold individual cans, fences and lids. TECshield 40 sheets are manufactured in 0.40mm copper and feature a semi-etched cut-n-fold grid system at a pitch of 0.2”. The sheets are electroplated with bright acid tin for long life solderability and have an available working area measuring 33cm x 26cm.

TECshield Plus 40

A similar concept to TECshield 40 but featuring hexagonal shaped holes positioned within individual grid squares. These holes prevent ‘hot-boxing’ which occurs when heat generating components are enclosed in an air-tight shielding can. TECshield plus 40 also has a working area measuring 33cm x 26cm.

TECwall 40

Prefabricated wall ‘strips’ supplied in sheet form. Each TECwall sheet consists of twelve individual strips with fold lines placed at 0.4” pitches; giving 33 segments per strip. Each segment has a centrally placed pin which can be used to fix walls or fences to the PCB; surplus pins can be simply broken off. TECwall allows engineers to fabricate cans and fences complete with removable covers (fabricated using TECshield or TECshield Plus).

TECpack 3-in-1

A single sheet prototyping solution featuring each product in the TECpack range.

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