chemical etching with laser machining

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Here, we look at laser machining used in conjunction with chemical etching (PCM).

reduce costs and improve timescales

Traditionally considered competing technologies, when used together, through our expertise, laser machining and chemical etching from Tecan can offer several advantages and benefit from previously untapped synergy. Used together, you can achieve precise and efficient manufacturing results. As your single point of contact, we can help you develop your next-gen innovation by combining these two processes, so you can benefit from their complementary strengths and enhance the overall quality of your products. This simplification of the supply chain helps improve lead times and pricing – essential in these inflationary times.

laser machining

Laser machining, with its high energy density and focused beam, offers excellent precision and versatility. It can be used to cut, drill, or engrave a wide range of materials, including metals, ceramics, and polymers. The laser beam can be precisely controlled to create intricate patterns or complex geometries with micron-level accuracy. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require fine details or tight tolerances.

chemical etching

Chemical etching uses chemical reactions to selectively remove material from the surface of a substrate. It is particularly effective for etching thin metal foils or creating microstructures on delicate materials resulting in no stress or burrs. The etching process can be controlled by adjusting the composition and concentration of the etchant, allowing for precise control over the depth and shape of the etched features.

Laser machining can be used to pre-process the material, creating a rough surface or removing unwanted layers, before the chemical etching step. This can improve the etching process by providing a more uniform surface for the etchant to act upon. Additionally, laser machining can be used to create masking patterns or protective coatings, which can help to control the etching process and protect sensitive areas of the substrate.

The combination of laser machining and chemical etching provides engineers with a powerful toolset for precise and efficient production. By leveraging the strengths of both processes, we can achieve high-quality results with tight tolerances and intricate details. The synergy between laser machining and chemical etching which Tecan is in a unique position to offer as part of the Muon Group offers endless possibilities for advanced manufacturing applications while reducing costs, improving lead times and allowing you to realise micro precision components which would not be possible using a single technology on its own.

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