precision solutions for environmental applications

From heat exchangers to fuel cell plates, electrical contacts to intercoolers, we provide the renewables industry with precision solutions

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bringing your innovations to life through design-led precision engineered parts

Design-led, we help you put even the most complicated designs into production to complement high-spec, prestigious brands, environments and interiors using chemical etching (PCM /photo chemical etching).

We turn your innovative ideas into practical solutions which reflect the aspirational aesthetic you and your clients expect, working with you to bring your ideas to life.

design-led pathway to innovation
Markets are constantly evolving. Critical to any business is exploring new ideas and improving those you hold, ensuring you progress and adapt to meet changing market needs. Making pioneering ideas a reality often means leveraging the expertise within other technologies.

A design-led pathway to innovation allows you to be in the driving seat while leveraging specialist technologies. It helps produce products that don’t yet exist, and no competitor can access without costly development. It de-risks and strengthens your innovations.

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Tecan overview

a one page overview of Tecan: who we are and what we do

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Electro Discharge Machining (Edm) vs Chemical Etching

Electrical Discharge Machining, also known as EDM Manufacturing, spark machining, burning, die sinking, wire burning, or wire erosion, is a manufacturing process whereby a desired shape is obtained by removing materials with electrical discharges (sparks). Lead Time Lead time is a crucial factor in any manufacturing process, as it can greatly affect the overall project […]

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when should you use chemical etching?

Chemical Etching is an efficient manufacturing process which allows you to create high-precision metal parts in complex shapes and patterns. More often than not, especially in industrial scale production, Chemical Etching is the most cost-effective as well. This is the conclusion we reached after comparing Chemical Etching to other metal fabrication technologies such as Stamping, Laser […]

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chemical etching vs. laser cutting

Discover the differences between laser cutting and chemical etching: precision, cost efficiency, design flexibility and short lead times

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Tecan: half a century of innovation

Weymouth, September 2nd 2020 Tecan, a leading provider of chemically-etched precision parts, is proud to celebrate 50 years of making micro-precision components that enhance everyday life. We’ve come a long way since our founders, Paul Cane and John Tetzner started developing a chemical etching process at a home kitchen sink. This evolved into a global […]

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chemical etching vs. micro stamping

Stamping, also known as pressing, is a manufacturing process whereby flat sheet metal is introduced into a stamping press and a tool and die surface forms the metal into desired shape. The trend towards miniaturisation has driven the industry to micro level. Compared to Stamping, or Micro Stamping, Chemical Etching is a more effective process […]

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the chemical etching process explained

Chemical Etching consists of a series of steps. Here we give a brief overview of the process. Cleaning: The material is cleaned to remove all surface contamination. This provides a suitable surface for resist adhesion later in the process. Laminating: The cleaned metal ‘blank’ is then coated with a light-sensitive photoresist in a Class 6 […]

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