We supply stepped hybrid lids as well as flat hybrid lids in a wide range of metals and in various thicknesses and specifications to meet customer’s specific design criteria. Both stepped and flat variants are available 'tagged', 'de-tagged' or 'witness mark' free, providing uniformity for accurate bonding and hermetic sealing.

stepped hybrid lids

Hybrid lids, also referred to as hybrid covers, are covers for hybrid circuitry. They can be flat, or recessed for ease of assembly. They are used to protect ceramic substrate, semiconductor, microcircuit, thin film, thick film, and other hybrid circuits.

our stepped hybrid lids solutions

Common materials include Kovar, Nickel, Dilver P, Olin 194, among others. We also offer a wide range of lid finishes, with the full technical back-up of an on-site laboratory. Combined with a class 100 cleanroom area, this ensures total process control.

  • Burr-free, stress-free
  • rapid turnaround
  • class 100 "ship-to-line" cleanroom facility
  • wide range of finishing options
  • logo on top surface if required
  • low cost tooling

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