Weymouth, September 14th 2020 Tecan, a leading provider of chemically-etched precision parts, is proud to reveal a significant stage in its ongoing business evolution, the launch of a website dedicated to surface mount (SMT) stencils and accessories at stencils.co.uk.

The website will be the UK’s leading site devoted to SMT stencils and includes stencils, frames, squeegee blades, rework tools and other accessories to support the SMT printing process. Users will now be able to select from a range of options to order stencils online for next day dispatch and account holders can check order status, order history and re-order and up-issue previous stencil orders.

nano coatingThis announcement coincides with the launch of other new initiatives for Tecan stencils, including stencil nano-coating options and the addition of the TetraBond stencil system to its wide range of stencil framing options.

A brand new range of squeegee blades can also be purchased directly from the website, with many sizes available for next day dispatch. This range includes blades compatible with many of the leading SMT printers on the market and includes single-thickness laser-cut or mobile-edge etched options. Fully bespoke squeegee blades can also be ordered from the website.

David Worsdell, Product Manager explains, “As Tecan celebrates its 50th birthday, we are delighted to present this dedicated site, showcasing our order onlineSMT stencils and rework solutions, and allowing our customers to buy online for the first time. stencils.co.uk was developed as a result of direct consultation with our customers and the site has been designed to simplify the stencil ordering process and to provide users with full traceability of their stencil orders with Tecan. Tecan has always been at the forefront of innovation and we are confident this website provides a best-in-class solution.”

You can find out more at www.stencils.co.uk.

Tecan’s stencils background

Tecan played a key role in the development of the first ever metal stencil in 1974 and throughout the 70s and 80s supplied photo-etched stencils exclusively to SMT printer manufacturers. Tecan produced Tecfoil™ the first re-mountable stencil frame in the UK and subsequently pioneered multi-level laser-formed stencils combining laser-cutting with precision etching and electroforming. Its team of experienced CAD engineers have years of knowledge in optimising stencil design from Gerber data, ensuring that paste volumes match individual component requirements.

A focus on co-development has enabled Tecan to work closely with pioneering companies across the global electronics industry producing SMT stencils, RFI screening cans and many other important components including connectors and lead frames.