chapter 7 of our comprehensive guide to stencils

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Electronic assemblies today often contain diverse component populations; some can be reworked using conventional skills such as hand soldering.A different approach is, however, required for many surface mount components, including:

  • PLCCs
  • QFPs
  • BGAs
  • µBGAs
  • SM connectors

Rework stencils mimic the footprint and aperture sizes, corresponding to both the device requirements and the original stencil used in production. In combination with a rework station, alignment is simple, resulting in a controlled ‘right first time’ process.

Offering optimum reliability and consistent printed results, rework stencils are both strong and rigid to ensure positive gasketting with the PCB surface. The compact designs include minimal stencil projection beyond the image to be printed, enabling use in all situations, especially high-density component areas. Accurately folded edges and run-on / run-off areas ensure effective paste roll and containment without causing interference to other components on the populated PCB.

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