screening cans

Standard-pitch screening cans are available as an off-the-shelf solution, providing electronics engineers with a fast and effective means of sourcing RFI/EMI screening at minimum cost. The standard screening can range encompasses a wide variety of sizes and options, enabling engineers to select cans that are compatible with individual production requirements. Based on standard component pitches, cans can be supplied in a wide choice of lids, sidewalls, and mountings; including low-profile, SMT and pick and place configurations. In total, the range comprises six different configuration options, within a standard pitch range covering 20mm x 20mm to 75mm x 125mm (sizes relate to internal measurements).

our standard can range

Tecan’s standard can range is based on a standard pitch system that allows engineers to quickly solve RFI problems without costly tooling and long lead-times.

  • Standard pitch system.
  • Sizes: 20x20mm to 125x75mm.
  • Priority delivery available.
  • Fully-traceable quality control.

key features

  • standard pitch system
  • ‘off-the-shelf’ for immediate delivery
  • zero tooling costs
  • fully traceable quality control
  • comprehensive technical support

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