staying competitive in a landscape of innovation

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Semiconductor companies are under constant pressure to create devices that are ground-breaking. Staying competitive is challenging, because innovations succeed each other at a rapid rate: a chip that was state-of-the-art a year or two ago, may be significantly outperformed by the standard of today.


Although there is evidence that Moore’s Law is beginning to slow, a semiconductor manufacturer or designer is still innovating at a rapid rate, for example the rise of edge AI chips, where growth is expected at over 100% over the next 5 years. Manufacturers need to move at a fast pace: exceptionally short lead and run times help bring semiconductor innovations to the market first — a crucial aspect if you want to become or remain a market leader.

As semiconductor processes and design technologies become increasingly sophisticated, there is an ongoing demand for ever more complex, smaller and precise assembly solutions.

How Tecan helps

lead framesTecan is a leading specialist in chemical etching. Its unmatched flexible tooling capabilities can provide the semiconductor industry with customisable solutions with very short lead times – ideal for prototyping and short to medium production runs. This precise manufacturing process can create lead frames for ever thinner package sizes, with smaller footprints and higher density leads.

An in-house metal finishing facility provides a wide variety of finishes, and with the full technical back-up of an on-site laboratory combined with a class 100 cleanroom area, Tecan can ensure total process control.

Tecan also offers a powerful and experienced co-development service to help you deliver the next generation of semiconductor solutions. An expert team can work with you to explore new ways to manufacture the parts that help you innovate.

Technical specifications

    • lead frames Material type. Etching is suited to a wide range of materials – almost any metal can be produced. Typically, copper and iron-nickel alloys are used for lead frames and stainless steel used for deposition masks.
    • Coatings. Copper, silver, nickel, gold and tin plating all available in house.
  • Material thickness. 25 µm to 2mm.
  • Tolerance. Generally, 10% of material thickness with a minimum tolerance of 12µm possible. Tecan’s experienced R&D team can often push these boundaries if required.
  • Apertures. Burr-free and with controllable draft angles.

Key benefits

masks semiconductors

  • in-house metal finishing/plating,
  • complex features achievable,
  • ultra-smooth, burr and stress-free components,
  • fine tolerances,
  • flexible tooling,
  • short lead times.

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