chemical etching with electroforming

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Here, we look at electroforming used in conjunction with chemical etching (PCM).

reduce costs and improve efficiency

Electroforming and chemical etching from Tecan offers several benefits in terms of cost and time efficiency. These processes are highly repeatable and can be easily scaled up for mass production, resulting in significant cost savings compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Additionally, the ability to create complex designs in a single step from a single supplier reduces production time and increases overall efficiency.

chemical etching and electroforming

Chemical etching and electroforming are two complementary techniques which, when used in conjunction with one another, offer a powerful method for creating intricate and precise metal components. Chemical etching involves selectively removing material from a metal surface using an etchant, while electroforming involves depositing metal onto a substrate using an electric current. By combining these two processes, we can help you can achieve high levels of accuracy and complexity in your designs.

The etching process allows for precise control over the removal of material, while electroforming enables the deposition of metal with high levels of accuracy. This combination of techniques opens up new possibilities for creating complex shapes and designs, making it a preferred choice for industries such as aerospaceelectronics and for aesthetic detailing in the automotive and leisure industries.


The combination of chemical etching and electroforming is a highly effective method for creating intricate and precise metal components. This technique offers advantages in terms of design complexity, cost efficiency, and production time. Together with the ability to achieve high levels of accuracy and intricacy, it is appealing to a number of industries.

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