washers, shims and spacers

ultimate customisation of various types of washers, shims, and spacers with no additional tooling costs

Tecan provides customised precision washers, shims and spacers according to every specific application requirement. With precision chemical etching, ultra-precision products are achievable with burr free, stress free finishing.

washers, shims and spacers

Washers, shims, and spacers are indispensable parts of many industrial applications and assemblies. Common forms include thrust washers, fasteners, precision compression, piston and cylinder rings, etc. Accuracy of geometries and lifetime duration are major quality features of the product.

our washers, shims and spacers solutions

Based on specific application requirement and operation environment, various types of materials and processes can be customised, resulting in a longer lifetime.
burr-free, stress-free
long lifetime
precision fabrication
economic tooling
flexibility with material, size, thickness, etc
customised parts made to order
co-develop your next-gen product with Tecan
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