springs, flexures and diaphragms

with tighter tolerance and repeatability

Tension springs join two components and bring them together when they try to detach. High-tension springs absorb and store energy, and when tension is applied, create a resistance to counter the pulling force.

Chemical etching has the perfect manufacturing capabilities for producing springs, flexures or diaphragms as it produces flat and stress-free components. Stamping on the other hand will deform the springs causing flatness issues and laser cutting creates rough edges that could cause fatigue fracture.

We are a leading manufacturer of these types of products producing multiple million components just for the automotive industry every month including ABS braking, fuel injection, catalytic converters, etc. We’ve overcome the shift in automotive requirements by implementing CMM support “in process” offering CPK controls for CTQ features. This ensures that the requirements of tighter tolerance and repeatability are achieved.


our high tension springs, flexures and diaphragms solutions

We provide organisations with precision components for use in a number of applications across multiple industries.
Burr-free, stress-free, ultra-smooth surface
Extremely accurate features
low cost tooling
Scratch/pit free parts
All kinds of designs and complexity
class 5 clean room environment
choose durable, precise tension springs for your quality product
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