coffee filters

better filtration, less maintenance, and longer lifetime

Tecan has decades of experience in developing best performing coffee filters for major brands of espresso makers as well as tea filters and other beverage filtration machines. With world leading technology, different shapes and forms can be produced based on specific demand.

coffee filters

This industry has evolved from using nickel to stainless steel and because of the photochemical etching process, Tecan can produce tiny aperture holes in the finest of materials.

Coffee filters play an important role in the function of an espresso maker. Only when there’s a good filter in it can an espresso machine function its best and the end product tastes its best. This goes for tea makers and other beverage machines. Tecan’s chemical etching process allows aperture profiles to be easily and accurately optimised – not only in size but also shape – to ensure efficient throughput and reduced clogging.

key features

respond to finer aperture and faster output demands
flexible hole configuration e.g round or triangular
perfect aperture definition to avoid clogging
conical holes to enable self-release
burr free to avoid filtration issues and clogging
co-develop your next-gen product with Tecan
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