Paul Stalley, a 15-year member of #TeamTecan has dedicated the last year to run at least one mile EVERY DAY since the first UK Lockdown for 12 months, averaging 30 miles per week and just short of 2000 miles across the year.

marathon trainersOn March 21st 2021, he completed a marathon- the culmination of 366 daily runs. And there’s a reason behind this incredible feat. In his own words,

“1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with Cancer in their lifetime: we all know someone close to us who has been affected. As a result of Cancer, I have lost my father, grandmother, aunt, and have friends and relatives who are still fighting this terrible disease now.”


Paul started on the Sunday before the first UK lockdown began by running what would have been the Weymouth Half Marathon, achieving a 15-year Personal Best time for this distance.

As the lockdown kicked in, he decided to try to inject a bit of routine and normality by running every day for a few weeks. This coincided with him taking on a dog-share with an elderly friend who was shielding due to underlying conditions and also undergoing various hospital appointments at the time making it difficult to keep up with the daily exercise needs of her dog, Bonzo the cockapoo.

Paul continues:

“Bonzo was a good excuse and motivator for me to stick to this.  Most of my running has been just with her, and when various lockdown stages have allowed, I have also run as many longer distances as possible with two good friends -one with his own four dogs.

As the weeks went on, I decided to keep the streak going, and to have a go at making the full year and decided that if I was doing something that silly it ought to be for a good cause!  As it says on the blurb on my giving page, pretty much everyone has lost somebody to cancer and / or knows someone going through the tribulations of this terrible disease at the moment. During the pandemic both diagnosis and treatment schedules have been severely affected.  With the personal connections I have to this, it was an easy decision to choose this very worthy charity.

At first I set a £500 target and expected to struggle to get there, but was very quickly blown away by the generosity and kindness of family, friends and colleagues who have helped me extend this to £2000, then smash that target! 

I’ve also been very lucky to have the support & patience of a very understanding (long suffering?) wife & children, who have put up with this disruptive obsession! She has been in and out of hospital this year (non-COVID related), which has presented some extra challenges for running, sometimes getting the miles in up and down our road with the kids, rather than exploring the Dorset countryside.

Through sponsorship, Paul has achieved 109% of this £2,000 target: the money raised will help fund life-saving research and bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.

At Tecan, we would like to extend our congratulations and our admiration to Paul for the commitment he has shown in fulfilling this extraordinary accomplishment.

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