overcome process limitations

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Tecan brings together the best features of multiple technologies to deliver the finest precision parts to overcome limitations imposed by the use of each single technology


Each precision manufacturing process has its pros and cons. For example, where one method can achieve >10µm tolerance capability, another can reach 2µm feature resolution, but this may be at the expense of speed and cost.

With more than 5 decades of innovation in photochemical etching (PCM) at our core, Tecan continues its pioneering mission. We are proud to bring together the best features of both PCM and laser machining to deliver the finest precision parts to overcome the limitations imposed by each technology on its own.

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As a result, Tecan can develop and produce bespoke solutions across a variety of metals which not only deliver critical features that a single process cannot achieve in isolation, but also maximise cost effectiveness and technical capabilities.

As a single point source for complex components with highly precise features -even if they need forming and assembly – we can help you overcome even the most difficult design challenges.

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Present us with your micro precision challenge, and we’ll work with you to apply the most appropriate technologies to bring them to life.