Multi-cavity screening is an effective one-part board level alternative to single cast parts, or multiple cans, providing a matrix of walls and sections, for single or double-sided PCB designs. The technique offers superior EMC performance and delivers significant time, cost and PCB real-estate savings, especially in microwave and telecommunications applications. Multi-cavity screening is compatible with reflow soldering. The designs ensure consistent solder-joint electromechanical integrity and minimise the need for hand and rework, speeding both production and test.

key features
  • reduced weight and size – single-part alternative to multiple discrete cans
  • burr and stress-free finished labyrinths
  • single-source solution
  • rapid turnaround, low cost photo tooling – fast and inexpensive alternative to machined cans

RFI shielding

EMI /RFI shielding is necessary across various industries to prevent interference of electromagnetic signals. Widely used in military electronics, telecommunication, automotive control, avionics, etc., shielding gaskets are of vital importance in many mission critical applications.

Tecan offers standard and bespoke RFI and EMI shielding solutions to meet the very latest Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directives. A full range of products are available from off-the-shelf standard cans through to complex multi-cavity labyrinths.

In addition, our TECpack range of prototype screening solutions provides an ‘on-the-bench’ modelling system developed to enable electronics engineers to trial screening cans, fences and lids quickly and easily. The TECpack modelling system facilitates a level of screening effectiveness much closer to custom-manufactured screening cans than is achievable via other traditional modelling techniques.

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