With our own on-site world class plating facility we can provide a full plating and metal finishing service to any component we produce.


For many hi-tech and hi-spec applications, metal finishing is essential for corrosion and wear resistance, or specific functional reasons. High quality metal finishing not only helps to increase product lifetime but also allows for more flexibility regarding choice of base materials and improves product functional performance.

Our in-house laboratory facilities are used to assure finishes are technically correct and meet the requirements of individual specifications. Prior to processing, atomic absorption spectrometry is used to analyse all solutions. Post-processing, nondestructive x-ray fluorescence testing is used to ensure surface finish thickness meets with specifications. All work in progress is regularly subjected to atomic absorption wet analysis testing. Atomic solutions are tested to within 0.05 parts per million.

Tecan is a leader in electroplating processes with a wide range of material capabilities including electroless nickel, copper, tin, gold, silver, phosphorous nickel and black nickel plating. Besides electroplating, we also offer other in-house finishing services such as anodising, passivation and insulation.


our comprehensive range of metal finishing options include:

  • pure gold
  • acid gold (nickel alloyed gold)
  • cobalt gold
  • woods nickel
  • sulphamate nickel
  • electroless nickel
  • PTFE infused electroless nickel
  • bright tin
  • matte tin
  • acid copper
  • chemi-black
  • black nickel
  • silver
  • Tarniban anti-tarnish
  • sulphuric clear anodising
  • hard sulphuric anodising
  • black, blue, red anodising dyes