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50 years of experience and knowledge

Established in 1970, Tecan pioneered the use of photo chemical machining (etching), a photolithography-based process that was developed as an off-shoot from the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

Operating from a purpose-built facility on England’s south coast, Tecan’s capability also includes precision component forming and high-quality metal finishing.

Now a part of the global Muon organisation, Tecan has seen significant investment in plant and technology over the past few years – strengthening its position as one of the World’s leading precision etching and metal finishing experts.

high-quality metal finishing capability

Tecan’s purpose-built high-quality metal finishing facility is staffed by some of the industry’s leading specialists and offers a wide range of standard and bespoke finishes to meet the most demanding requirements.

Tecan’s commitment to innovation underpins the development of its market-leading surface finishes from its specialist metal finishing facility.

micro-precision guaranteed

In-house laboratory facilities are used to assure finishes are technically correct and meet the requirements of individual specifications.

Prior to processing, atomic absorption spectrometry is used to analyse all solutions. Post-processing, non-destructive x-ray fluorescence testing is used to ensure surface finish thickness meets with specifications. All work in progress is regularly subjected to atomic absorption wet analysis testing. Atomic solutions are tested to within 0.05 parts per million.

electroplated finishes

Gold plating offers a host of valuable functional benefits for industrial manufacturers including:

• Preventing corrosion
• Promoting electrical conductivity

• Increasing wear resistance
• Protecting against extreme heat


Nickel plating is typically used to provide greater wear and corrosion resistance and to add thickness to undersized parts.
• Corrosion resistance
• Conductivity
• Even coating
• Flexibility in plating volume and thickness
• Can plate recesses and blind holes
• Matte finish – low reflectivity, which can then be blackened by Nigrax

Tin plating is a cost effective solution for excellent corrosion protection, a high level of solderability and good contact resistance.

• Excellent corrosion resistance
• High level of solderability
• Good contact resistance
• Relatively low cost

tin plating

Silver plating is durable, cost-effective and hardy whilst operating within diverse industrial applications.

• Corrosion resistant
• High electrical and thermal conductivity
• Antibacterial
• Lightweight

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Copper is known for its high electrical conductivity, malleability and corrosion resistance. These properties make copper a popular choice for coating components in a wide range of industries — from aerospace and automotive to electronics and telecommunications.

• High electrical and thermal
• Highly malleable
• Good adhesion
• Corrosion resistance

copper plating

immersion finishes

Tecan offers two excellent options for blackening finishes – often used for aesthetic appearance or for optical applications. These coatings can be applied to many different base materials.

• Minimises reflectivity for optical applications
• Can be applied to most base materials

immersion finish

Electroless nickel plating doesn’t require the use of an electric current to produce the desired reaction. Instead, the deposition of the nickel metal occurs via autocatalytic reaction.

• Easier to achieve an even coating
• Greater flexibility in terms of coating volume and thickness
• Various levels of finish brightness
• Automatic monitoring during the plating process

Electroless nickel plating

Friction and wear can be extremely damaging to high-value equipment that is in everyday use. Tecan’s PTFE-impregnated electroless nickel finish alleviates the abrasion and galling caused by day-to-day metal-to-metal contact.

• Extremely low friction applications
• Corrosion & wear resistance
• Conductivity
• Good uniformity of thickness

PTFE-impregnated electroless nickel

anodised finishes

Anodising is a metal finishing process that uses oxidation to convert the surface of a metallic to a ceramic state, mainly used when plating aluminium.

• Corrosion and wear resistance
• Easier to clean and maintain
• Improved lubrication
• Resistance to peeling, flaking and chipping
• Flame resistance
• Non-contaminating (for medical instrumentation)
• Increased abrasion resistance


Anodising dyes give outstanding results and can be used repeatedly. Several different shades can be achieved by varying the concentration of the dye and the immersion times used.

• For both Type I and Type III anodising
• Black, blue and red available as standard
• Other colours available on request

Fast turnaround, expert finishes

Tecan is customer-service orientated and will work hard to find a solution to the most urgent need.

A 5-day turnaround is offered on the full range of standard finishes.

We also understand that with metal finishing being at the end of the manufacturing line, a faster turnaround is occasionally inevitable. As such we offer a premium fast track service with same-day turnaround possible.

Tecan offers delivery and collection – with a same-day carrier service also available for any UK destination.

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