from components in low carbon vehicles to solar cells, clean and renewable energy has to be stored in order for it to be gathered. this requires efficiency down to the smallest component.



Traditional processes such as machining put unnecessary stress on metal and risk adulteration by burrs and other defects. Indeed, some metals are almost impossible to machine while delivering precision.

  • short lead times
  • burr-free components
  • precision at a micro-scale

As the technology matures, manufacturers are exploring which systems offer the most efficient in terms of performance and costs. Increasingly, partnerships are being formed to pool expertise and develop comprehensive fuel plate solutions. Vigorous efforts have been made to evaluate different materials and manufacturing processes in order to meet demanding expectations.

These are exciting times for realising the potential of sustainable applications in manufacturing. Quality and precision are vital. The requirement for high precision, and the ability to deliver high quantities in high quality to a complex design while constantly pushing technology limits all create ongoing challenges for sustainability.

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Our unparalleled technology capabilities enable us to provide the sustainability and renewables industry with the highest quality, high-precision products which are cost-efficient to produce and which feature superior properties.

When made using traditional methods, solutions can lack structural integrity, have low power output, are thick and bulky, come with high manufacturing costs and are vulnerable to rust. Chemical etching mitigates these risks and helps meet the challenge to produce high precision and consistency.

Tecan’s chemical etching process allows us to work with a wider range of metals while ensuring registration accuracy. This allows the foils to be stacked up precisely so features like microchannels for electronic tracks can be optimised.

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