when miniaturisation is fundamental to staying ahead of the market

precision micro parts


Never has there been such a demand for small size, durability and precision, and it shows no sign of waning.

In this competitive area, it is important to achieve:

  • quick and simple prototyping
  • fast manufacture
  • burr-free accuracy
how we help

We provide precision parts and components including discrete component packages, precision SMT stencils used to deposit solder paste onto printed circuit boards, through to standard and bespoke RFI/EMC screening enclosures.

applications of our products include

micro precision parts

Standard and bespoke shielding solutions to meet the very latest Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directives. A full range of products are available from off-the-shelf standard cans through to complex multi-cavity labyrinths.

RFI /EMC shielding

High precision, stress free parts and components for uses including medical electronics, devices, microfluidics and implantables for mixing, filtering, measurement and calibration applications.

metal finishing

A wide range of conductive finishes to meet the most demanding requirements.

SMT stencils

A unique combination of stencil manufacturing technologies, to produce stencils whose design and optimisation ensures the precise delivery of the individual paste volumes required by the diversity of components on the PCB.
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precise assembly solution

Tecan offers precise assembly solutions for the manufacturing of micro parts, ensuring the seamless integration of components in precision engineering applications. Our expertise in micro-engineering enables us to provide tailored assembly solutions that meet the exacting requirements of diverse industries. Whether it’s assembling intricate medical devices or precision electronic components, Tecan’s precise assembly solutions ensure optimal performance and reliability. With our commitment to quality and precision, you can trust Tecan to deliver assembly solutions that elevate the efficiency and accuracy of your micro-part manufacturing processes.


precision components for semiconductors

Tecan specialises in providing precision components for semiconductor applications, catering to the demanding requirements of the semiconductor industry. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce components with exceptional accuracy and consistency, crucial for the reliability of semiconductor devices. From precision wafer handling components to intricate chip assembly parts, Tecan delivers solutions that optimise the performance and yield of semiconductor manufacturing processes. With Tecan’s precision components, semiconductor manufacturers can achieve higher levels of precision and efficiency in their production operations, driving innovation and competitiveness in the industry.


etched precision parts for semiconductors

Tecan is a leading provider of etched precision parts for semiconductor applications, offering a wide range of components engineered to the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Our advanced chemical etching techniques enable us to produce intricate semiconductor components with micro-scale precision, ensuring optimal performance in semiconductor devices. Whether it’s precision etched wafers, microfluidic channels, or intricate interconnects, Tecan delivers solutions that meet the stringent requirements of semiconductor manufacturing. With Tecan’s etched precision parts, semiconductor manufacturers can achieve enhanced device performance, yield, and reliability, driving advancements in technology and innovation.



precision micro parts

Thanks to incredible advances in technology at every level; circuitry to computing, the demand for complex precision micro parts has increased exponentially. To ensure that manufacturers achieve successful, reliable and exact products, they need to be able to rely on the quality and precision of the metal parts. This is where Tecan comes in as we are able to offer parts that have been chemically etched to precise measurements and shapes. This is essential to ensure the successful application of these parts in whatever device they are placed.

As the chemical etching process is just that, chemical, we don’t need to rely on machine tooling or lasers to cut the metal. To create precision micro parts, the etching process is able to create burr-free and faultless designs for many different industries. It’s an ideal solution for many products that require unique features as the chemically etched parts have a great deal of scope when it comes to intricate shapes or patterns.

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