The constant evolution of medical science presents tremendous opportunities as well as significant manufacturing challenges.



There is ongoing demand for small size, excellent corrosion resistance, precision tolerances, mechanical strength properties, as well as material biocompatibility.

  • small size
  • corrosion resistance
  • precision tolerances
  • mechanical strength
  • material compatibility
how we help

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tecan has supplied critical precision components to the medical industry for the development and manufacture of ventilators and other life-saving devices.

We have helped leading companies in the medical industry by delivering high quality and high precision metal parts to enable a number of innovative breakthroughs.

applications of our products include microneedles, hearing aids, medical saws, medical blades, vascular stiffeners, contacts, grids, mesh and all kinds of electrical parts in medical devices.

micro precision parts

Stress free parts and components for uses including devices, microfluidics and implantables for mixing, filtering, measurement and calibration applications.

electronics components

Such as lead frames, SMT stencils and RFI shielding

precision apertures

Our sister company, Veco, produces precision apertures for use in imaging transmission, filtration, electrical signal control and sonic handling.

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