The growing requirement for finer and finer definition demands analysis and consideration of droplet characteristics.

industrial printing


With such small holes involved, the challenge is to ensure precision as any burr or stress will cause imperfections.

  • create different sizes and shapes of holes according to the medium used to ensure an efficient and accurate flow
  • Crisp edges with no inconsistency
  • great strength
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Tecan’s chemical etching process allows precise aperture profiles to be easily and accurately optimised according to the media being used – including elliptical. This allows for improved printing performance for a number of applications for high-definition printing including media and ceramics.

We have worked with customers to produce tools for fine-featured embossing, watermarks, 3D printing and secure printing to name but a few.

industrial printing precision components

Tecan specialises in providing industrial printing precision components that are crucial for the seamless operation of advanced printing systems. Our expertise in manufacturing precision parts ensures that every component meets the exacting standards of the industrial printing industry. From intricate printheads to precise motion control components, Tecan delivers solutions that optimise the performance and efficiency of industrial printing processes. With our commitment to quality and reliability, you can trust Tecan to provide the precision components your printing systems demand.


etched industrial printing precision parts

At Tecan, we understand the importance of precision in industrial printing applications. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of etched industrial printing precision parts that are engineered to perfection. Our advanced chemical etching techniques allow us to create complex components with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring optimal performance in industrial printing systems. Whether it’s components for ink delivery systems, substrate handling mechanisms, or print head assemblies, Tecan delivers precision parts that enable high-quality printing results, every time.



inkjet printing precision components

Tecan is your trusted source for inkjet printing precision components that drive innovation and efficiency in the printing industry. Our precision-engineered components are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of inkjet printing systems, ensuring reliable performance and exceptional print quality. From precision nozzles to intricate fluid delivery systems, Tecan’s inkjet printing components enable precise control and consistent results in a variety of printing applications. With Tecan, you can elevate your printing capabilities with precision components that deliver outstanding performance and reliability.



digital printing application note

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