industrial automation

labour-saving and efficient

From higher production rates and increased productivity to more efficient use of materials, the demand for automation can be seen across multiple industries.

challenges in the industrial automation industry

While automation sets out to deliver better product quality, labour-saving processes, and reduced factory lead times, achieving it can be problematic:

  • component accuracy isn’t always as precise as it needs to be
  • long lead times cause delay in delivery of the finished product
  • suppliers are not always set up to or experienced in co-developing ground-breaking projects

how we help

Starting with a robust co-development phase, we work with our customers to fully understand their goals. We bring our expertise to the mix to deliver labour-saving devices such as on-line inspection products which require the most accurate of components down to those inside measuring equipment.

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our solutions

Applications of our products include robotic arms, online inspection devices, measuring equipment
micro precision parts
Including precision filtration and calibration, microfluidics and medical implantables, precision mesh and sieves
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