Many industries rely heavily on accurate filtration in order to avoid cross-contamination or poor quality of product.



The growing requirement for finer and finer apertures with faster and faster output demands analysis and consideration of droplet /particle size, whether liquids, sugars, starches etc. It is necessary to ensure:

  • precise, small holes
  • different shaped holes
  • no imperfections
how we help

Tecan’s chemical etching process allows aperture profiles of components to be easily and accurately optimised – not only in size but also shape – to ensure efficient throughput of the material being processed.

This industry has evolved from using nickel to stainless steel and because of the process we use, Tecan can produce tiny aperture holes in the finest of materials.

We have helped leading companies in the filtration industry by providing high-precision sieves, meshes and filters to deliver quality to a number of applications.

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