when tight control over finished parts is essential

Marginal gains - where the smallest of incremental improvements combine to deliver significant improvement when they are brought together.

challenges in the automotive industry

Engineers in the automotive industry require tight control over finished parts. There are certain characteristics fundamental to this industry:

  • strength and hardness
  • temperature endurance
  • flexibility
  • rigidity
  • consistency

how we help

Tecan works with some of the World’s leading automotive manufacturers and first tier suppliers, producing components as diverse as a simple tiny component on the dashboard to high-tech inertia switches for air bags.

We are a leading manufacturer of these type of products producing millions of components for the automotive industry every month including components for ABS braking, fuel injection, catalytic converters, etc.

We’ve overcome the shift in automotive requirements by implementing CMM support “in process” offering CPK controls for CTQ features. This ensures that the requirements of tighter tolerance and repeatability are achieved.

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our solutions

discover how we help leaders in the automotive industry stay ahead of the game
micro precision parts
Including decorative meshes, airbag and clutch components, speaker grilles and precision filters, gaskets, shims, washer and spacers
metal finishing
Including anodisation, electroless and sulphamate nickel, acid and pure gold, bright tin, silver and copper
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