Major technological advances in land, sea and air warfare have increased demand for aerospace-grade metal components with dimensions and tolerances on the micro-scale.

and defence


When safety and performance are at stake, nowhere are the following more critical:

  • high-level precision
  • tight tolerances
  • great strength
how we help

Using chemical etching as opposed to punching, we can ensure we produce high-precision components in short timeframes and with a vastly reduced tooling cost. We not only etch but also form and plate on-site.

We offer a specialist prototyping service and can cater for low to mid volumes to suit your requirements.

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precision parts

High precision, burr and stress-free parts with ultra-high tolerances in all dimensions. In-house plating and finishing with no limit on the choice of materials.

formed parts

We etch, form and plate – all on-site. Our etching process allows for crisp bend lines, avoiding stress points.

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