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Our Metrology team plays a crucial role in our precision manufacturing processes, ensuring products are

high precision sieves and meshes

Tecan’s chemical etching process allows aperture profiles of sieves and meshes to be easily and

security watermarks

Security watermarks can be found in applications like banknotes, visas and passports. They help prevent

STC Material Solutions joins the Muon Group, an IDEX Corporation organisation

STC will be included in the Health & Science Technologies (HST) segment of IDEX Corporation

chemical etching for the communications industry

With constant development of communications, this industry faces tremendous growth opportunities as well as more

multi-technology in CMM magazine

bespoke-designed micro precision components for the optical industry.

chemical etching for optical applications

bespoke-designed micro precision components for the optical industry.

aerospace and defence application note

When safety and performance are at stake, precision and accuracy are critical.

Tecan and PCMI

Watch the video from the PCMI (Photo Chemical Etching Machining Institute) to explain chemical etching
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