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the benefits of etching copper

Copper parts made using chemical etching offer precision and intricacy. It results in high-quality parts

our green journey

We are proud to continue our green journey as we complete the installation of solar


high corrosion resistance, density, as well as its hardness, make tungsten a popular choice for

micro precision features

established to serve the growing demand for fine-featured, flat profile precision metal parts, Tecan works

battery connectors

Precision parts play a crucial role in the manufacture of safe ready-developed and ready-proven battery

Funds raised for Dorset County Hospital

DCH, Dorset County Hospital, IDEX Foundation, DCHC

integrated technology

Tecan can work with you to create micro-precision parts using integrated technology

design considerations

When designing chemically etched precision parts, several key considerations must be taken into account to

precision meshes and sieves

Precision meshes and sieves are critical in various industries like advanced manufacturing systems, life sciences,
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