make your complex design ideas a reality with integrated precision technology

Following on from our recent article on what to consider at the design stage to make your complex design "manufacturable", where it is crucial Tecan can work with you to create micro-precision parts using integrated technology in synergy with chemical etching. For ultimate functionality with no compromise, this can be the way forward to avoid sacrificing essential features.

Chemical etching serves as a solid foundation for creating mission-critical micro precision parts. By integrating other micro manufacturing technologies such as laser cutting and electroforming into the process, the production of intricate accurate components is further enhanced. This combination allows for the fabrication of high-quality parts with miniscule tolerances, meeting the specific demands of next generation systems in industries such as defence and aerospace for precise and reliable products.

The integration of micro manufacturing technologies with chemical etching enables the creation of complex geometries and intricate designs. This synergy results in parts with superior accuracy, high tolerances and consistent repeatability, crucial for applications where precision is absolutely indispensible. By leveraging these advanced techniques together, manufacturers can achieve remarkable levels of detail and quality in the production of components, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.


As part of the Muon Group, our available knowledge base is a one-of-a-kind globally, and we can be your single point source to incorporate specialist micro manufacturing technologies with our own chemical etching expertise represents a significant advancement in the production of precision parts. This approach not only enhances the capabilities of traditional etching processes but also opens up new possibilities for creating intricate and high-performance components. The combination of these technologies paves the way for innovative solutions in manufacturing, offering increased precision and efficiency in producing mission-critical parts for a wide range of industries.

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