The global heat exchanger market shows no sign of slowing. This is due to a rising focus on sustainability and decarbonisation driving rapid technological advancements. Here at Tecan we have seen increased demand for more efficient plate heat exchangers for processes across a number of sectors

These include:

  • Food & beverages
  • Chemical processing
  • Oil & gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Energy & power
  • HVAC & refrigeration
  • Marine

We’re seeing how heat exchangers are critical components for many. For instance, we work with organisations in the food and beverage industry where the equipment is installed for pasteurisation, and in the oil and gas and power sectors where it is used to recover heat. Mainly used as cooling equipment across the industrial sector, coolants are run through exchangers to manage the operating temperature of the whole system.

This has led to a hike in power demand and energy requirement. Due to this, the global market is growing rapidly. Consider the increase in countries whose governments have committed to making the transformation to become high-end industrialised nations and we can see the potential rise in the demand for related equipment like heat exchangers.

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market drivers

  • COVID-19
  • urbanisation
  • nuclear power
  • marine

types of heat exchanger

Different types of heat exchanger have a variety of potential applications including: pasteurisation, beverage processing, connectors between chillers, boilers, and cooling towers, and other process engineering applications.

  • gasketed plate
  • brazed plate
  • welded plate
  • process heating
  • batch heating
  • heat recovery interchangers

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