Weymouth, September 2nd 2020 Tecan, a leading provider of chemically-etched precision parts, is proud to celebrate 50 years of making micro-precision components that enhance everyday life.

tecan componentsWe’ve come a long way since our founders, Paul Cane and John Tetzner started developing a chemical etching process at a home kitchen sink. This evolved into a global operation based on the UK’s South Coast – a location selected to benefit from the manufacture of printed circuit boards supplying the naval fleet based there.

The precision micro parts we produce today can be found in all kinds of everyday objects – from a sound-enhancing component in your car to parts for your phone camera. Our products have been to the moon and the depths of the ocean and can be found in life-enhancing applications including nebulisers and low carbon vehicles.

Our focus on co-development has enabled us to work closely with pioneering companies across all kinds of industries: from medical and automotive to industrial automation and food and beverage. As the years have progressed, we have been producing components central to sustainability and renewables.

As Neil Walker, Managing Director says, “Industry has seen many changes over the years and Tecan has evolved accordingly, helping our customers bring innovative products to market. As we enter a new era, we remember where we’ve come from and how much potential the future holds. Happy birthday, Tecan.”

You can take a look at our photo album, commemorating Tecan through the decades here.