reliable fuel cell Manufacturer since 1970

Since 1970, Tecan have been innovating in the chemical etching field where precision and quality are of the utmost importance.

As the needs of our societies are increasingly technological, the demand for intricately-detailed parts to operate within machines and devices has grown exponentially. At Tecan we pride ourselves on meeting the requirements of our clients to produce ultra precise metal parts that are able to operate without fail.

Many medical instruments need to be exact in their specifications as well as being of a high safety grade in order to operate correctly. This is why in many cases, the medical industry goes to chemical etching to ensure that the products are produced flawlessly. This goes for many other industries too that require precise parts in order to function correctly.

As a fuel cell manufacturer, tecan prides itself on providing cutting edge technology to produce flawless parts that are employed in the most demanding industries.

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