Chemical etching’s ability to produce intricate components which are not only burr and stress-free but are also repeatable make it ideal for creating the precision required for medical implants and devices at a miniaturised scale.

The constant evolution of medical science presents tremendous opportunities as well as significant manufacturing challenges.

There is ongoing demand for small size, excellent corrosion resistance, precision tolerances, mechanical strength properties, as well as material biocompatibility.

chemical etching offers:

  • small size
  • corrosion resistance
  • precision tolerances
  • mechanical strength
  • material compatibility

Working with biocompatible metals such as stainless steel 316L, our skilled technicians ensure that an etch allowance is applied to all dimensions to account for ‘undercut’ where etching affects the edge of the photoresist in the chemical etching process, so ensuring precise measurement. This ensures high dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances.

Where mesh components are concerned in particular, our experts achieve superior results with chemical etching compared to parts manufactured using other methods such as laser machining.

typical products produced:

  • flow discs
  • medical blades
  • hearing aid components
  • mesh
  • microneedles
  • vascular stiffeners
  • electrical parts
  • grids

micro precision parts

We manufacture stress free parts and components for uses including devices, microfluidics and implantables for mixing, filtering, measurement and calibration applications.

electronics components

Fromlead framestoSMT stencilsandRFI shielding,we help resolve the challenges facing the medical industry.

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