With constant development of communications, this industry faces tremendous growth opportunities as well as more challenges.


There is an ongoing requirement to produce parts rapidly and at volume. Other challenges include:

  • micro-scale
  • durability
  • precision

Chemically etched parts play a crucial role in the communications industry by delivering precision components used in a wide range of applications, including antennae, connectors, and circuit boards. The process of chemical etching allows for intricate designs and precise dimensions, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

how we help

Tecan helps engineers and designers meet the challenges created by the pace of change by rapidly producing precision prototype parts, whilst also offering a cost-effective solution to production volume requirements.


  • eliminate heat stress, burrs and distortion
  • high level of accuracy
  • repeatability with consistent results
  • unlimited level of complexity at tight tolerances
  • micro-precision components measuring as little as 5 microns in thickness with tolerances of >±0.025mm
  • design complexity does NOT add to cost

typical products include:

  • spacers, shims and washers
  • RFI /EMC shielding
  • base station components, eg busbars
  • handset components
  • electrical contacts and connectors
  • lead frames
  • flexures
  • SMT stencils