Innovation is at the heart of the semiconductor industry and sophisticated, ground-breaking devices succeed each other at a rapid rate. There is constant demand for more complex, smaller, lightweight and precise assembly solutions.

Thanks to incredible advances in technology at every level; circuitry to computing, the demand for complex precision micro parts has increased exponentially. To ensure that manufacturers achieve successful, reliable and exact products, they need to be able to rely on the quality and precision of the metal parts. Tecan is able to offer parts that have been etched to precise measurements and shapes; it’s an ideal solution for many solutions that require unique features and essential to ensure the successful application of these parts in whatever device they are placed.


how we help

From the start, Tecan offers a dedicated, practised co-development team to work with you to explore new ways to manufacture the parts that help you innovate and deliver the next generation of semiconductor solutions.

As a leading specialist in chemical etching, our unmatched flexible tooling capabilities can provide the industry with customisable solutions in a short space of time to help you stay ahead of the market.

we offer:

  • quick and simple prototyping
  • lightweight
  • fast manufacture and high volume
  • consistency and repeatability
  • burr-free, stress-free precision
  • controllable draft angles
  • complex geometries
  • in-house metal finishing
  • fine tolerances

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Chemical etching can be used with a wide range of materials. It allows us to work with a number of metal substrates that would not be possible using other manufacturing methods due to condutivity or fragility. Metal properties remain unchanged and surfaces are not damaged. We can work with a material thicknesses of 25 µm to 2mm. In most cases, 10% of material thickness with a minimum tolerance of 12µm is possible: Tecan’s experienced R&D team can work with you to exceed these boundaries if required.

Plating such as copper, silver, nickel, gold and tin are all available from our in-house metal finishing facility which provides a wide variety of finishes. With the full technical back-up of an on-site laboratory combined with a class 100 cleanroom area, Tecan can ensure total process control.

We provide precision parts and components including discrete component packages, precision SMT stencils used to deposit solder paste onto printed circuit boards, through to standard and bespoke RFI/EMC screening enclosures. Our precise manufacturing process can create lead frames for ever thinner package sizes, with smaller footprints and higher density leads.

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