encoder discs application note

We work with companies developing applications around motor feedback, factory automation, process and machine control, conveying, robotics, high-accuracy motion control, positioning, and measurement. Read the encoder discs application note

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bringing your innovations to life through design-led precision engineered parts

Design-led, we help you put even the most complicated designs into production to complement high-spec, prestigious brands, environments and interiors using chemical etching (PCM /photo chemical etching).

We turn your innovative ideas into practical solutions which reflect the aspirational aesthetic you and your clients expect, working with you to bring your ideas to life.

design-led pathway to innovation
Markets are constantly evolving. Critical to any business is exploring new ideas and improving those you hold, ensuring you progress and adapt to meet changing market needs. Making pioneering ideas a reality often means leveraging the expertise within other technologies.

A design-led pathway to innovation allows you to be in the driving seat while leveraging specialist technologies. It helps produce products that don’t yet exist, and no competitor can access without costly development. It de-risks and strengthens your innovations.

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SMT stencils handbook

Our stencils handbook forms a comprehensive guide to the considerations around working with SMT stencils and their applications

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Tecan overview

a one page overview of Tecan: who we are and what we do

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SMT stencils glossary

chapter 9 is a glossary to provide a definition of terminology used throughout our comprehensive guide to stencils

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other stencil applications: glue and PIHR

chapter 8 of our comprehensive guide to stencils looks at considerations for glue and pin-in-hole reflow

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RFI shielding brochure

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) shielding is a key design consideration for electronics engineers. Further regulation, miniaturisation, and mobile connectivity have increased demands on both the complexity and importance of effective screening.

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SMT stencils and rework

Chapter 7 of our stencils handbook looks at a range of rework solutions designed to ensure consistent reworking

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digital printing application note

Read the application note from Tecan to discover chemically-etched parts for efficient and accurate flow in digital printing

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