Chemical etching from Tecan provides the precision required to manufacture parts for environmental applications. The process involves selectively removing material from a metal surface using chemicals and allows for intricate designs and high precision, making it ideal for creating components used in equipment which supports sustainability. Chemical etching offers several advantages, including the ability to produce complex shapes, tight tolerances, and smooth finishes making it widely used in industries such as renewable energy, water treatment, and air pollution control.

One of the main benefits of our experience in chemical etching for environmental applications is our ability to create highly complex shapes. The process allows for the production of intricate designs that can’t be easily achieved by other manufacturing methods. Whether it’s a custom filter, heat exchanger, fuel cell plate, air flow disc or a specialised component for a renewable energy system, chemical etching can accurately and consistently reproduce even the most intricate patterns.
In addition to complex shapes, chemical etching offers tight tolerances. This means that the dimensions of the etched parts can be controlled with high precision down to +/- 25 microns (or even less) dependent on material thickness. This is crucial in environmental applications where accuracy is paramount. Whether it’s a sensor for monitoring air quality or a component for a water treatment system, chemical etching ensures that the parts meet the required specifications.
Furthermore, chemical etching provides a smooth finish on the etched parts. This is important in environmental applications where any roughness or imperfections can affect the performance of the equipment. The smooth surface produced by our skilled chemical etching experts minimises friction and allows for optimal functionality. It also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, which is essential for equipment used in environmentally-sensitive settings.

Etched Precision Parts for Sustainability

Tecan leads the way in providing etched precision parts for sustainability, addressing the evolving needs of environmentally conscious industries. Our advanced chemical etching processes enable us to manufacture intricate components with precision and efficiency, aligning with sustainable practices. From renewable energy systems to eco-friendly transportation solutions, our precision parts contribute to the development of sustainable technologies. With Tecan, you can trust in our commitment to delivering high-quality, environmentally friendly components that support a greener future.

Precision Components for Sustainability

Tecan offers a diverse range of precision components designed to promote sustainability across various industries. Through our expertise in chemical etching, we produce components that contribute to the efficiency and longevity of sustainable systems. Whether it’s components for water purification, waste management, or renewable energy applications, our precision-engineered parts play a vital role in advancing environmental sustainability. With Tecan, you have a partner dedicated to providing top-quality components that support your sustainability initiatives and contribute to a healthier planet.

Environmental Precision Components

Tecan specialises in the production of environmental precision components that drive sustainability efforts worldwide. Our advanced chemical etching techniques enable us to create intricate components that optimise environmental processes and systems. From air quality monitoring devices to precision components for sustainable infrastructure, Tecan delivers solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. With a focus on environmental responsibility, our precision components empower industries to minimise their ecological footprint and build a more sustainable future for generations to come.


Chemical etching is a precise and efficient method for manufacturing parts used in environmental applications. Its ability to produce complex shapes, tight tolerances, and smooth finishes makes it an ideal choice for industries such as renewable energy, water treatment, and air pollution control. By using chemical etching, Tecan helps manufacturers create high-quality components that meet the stringent requirements of sustainability.

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