Precision parts play a crucial role in the manufacture of safe ready-developed and ready-proven battery connectors and battery stack joiners.

Specialised components ensure a robust, reliable and strong electrical connection between batteries and devices. They offer high performance and longevity and have application in, for example, electronics, automotive, and renewable energy, especially where multiple batteries need to be connected together. They play a key part in electric power distribution, providing a thin, lightweight but efficient component to charge and release charge from cells.


Organisations rely on precision parts to meet strict quality standards and specifications for battery connectors. Safety is a key metric by which any business, product or process is judged today – and products using battery connectors are no exception.

applications include:

  • e-bikes
  • e-scooters
  • busbars
  • portable electronic devices (military /commercial etc)
  • electric vehicles
  • drones

The latest EU battery regulation, introduced in 2023, is intended to ensure batteries (and battery-operated products) on the European market are sustainable and safe. The precision processes employed by our skilled engineers and technicians ensure consistency, repeatability and dimensional accuracy. Importantly, the chemical etching process produces no burrs which could cause an electrical short and so represent a fire risk.

benefits of Tecan's capabilities

We produce standard and custom battery connectors, battery crimps and battery tags using combined precision manufacturing processes (chemical etching and laser cutting /welding) dependent on size and thickness required.  We also have an on-site forming facility.

  • Burr-free precision parts
  • Co-development for introduction of innovative parts and manufacturability
  • Rapid design to prototype.
  • No high upfront tooling costs.
  • Short lead times.
  • Large range of materials and gauges stocked.
  • In house state of the art inspection using CMM vision system.


We can etch virtually any metal, including specialised materials to provide superior conductivity, tolerance and resistance properties. See our related article.

Conforming to the ASTM B162 standard, Nickel 200 -201 is commercially pure, resistant to corrosion and offers low electrical resistance. In addition to battery connectors, we provide strips and tags to link cells together as it is easy to solder, spot or tag weld, replacing slow, expensive soldering processes which create bottlenecks in production.

While nickel-plated steel is appropriate and cost effective for most applications, other materials are available including stainless steel, copper and aluminium. For the most demanding purposes, pure nickel is recommended and recognised as the industry standard for battery connectors.



The importance of precision parts for battery connectors cannot be overstated. Their role in ensuring a secure and reliable connection, as well as enhancing performance and longevity, is essential in various industries. Manufacturers and consumers alike benefit from the use of precision parts, making them a valuable component in the production of high-quality battery connectors.

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