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There is a continued trend towards more complex devices made up of smaller and smaller component parts. They need to remain ultra-precise and cost-effective but still have a fast turnaround time. This is where chemical etching from Tecan comes in.

The intricate components required to transform designs into actual products must be more precise than ever before. They must also be entirely burr and stress-free since the smallest irregularity will have a much larger effect on the end result.

The solution to this challenge is a precision metal etching from Tecan.

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pushing the boundaries to enable next generation of world-leading products

overcome process limitations with our multi-technology solutions

Each precision manufacturing process has its pros and cons. With more than 5 decades of innovation in photo chemical machining (PCM) at our core, Tecan continues its pioneering mission.

As part of the Muon Group, our available knowledge base is a one-of-a-kind globally, and we can be your single point source to incorporate specialist micro manufacturing technologies with our own chemical etching expertise. This represents a significant advancement in the production of precision parts, delivering critical features that a single process cannot achieve in isolation, while maximising cost effectiveness and technical capabilities

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metal etching solutions for life sciences organisation

By manufacturing stress-free, burr-free, micro-precision needles for the medical and surgical markets, Tecan enables the rejuvenation of patients’ skin. Needles that are non-invasive, pain-free and beneficial for all skin types.

Not just a cosmetic treatment, but a product that helps provide real improvements in skincare around the world.

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Experts in chemical etching (also known as photo chemical machining or PCM), Tecan serves the world’s most innovative, high-tech companies in a diverse range of industries which demand high quality and precision.

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Our highly accurate, burr and stress-free production of components can be applied to myriad solutions. We work every day with leading organisations to co-develop etched parts

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We put great emphasis on the importance of co-development and prototyping. Take a look at the process we rigorously follow.

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From co-development to surface finishing and plating to in-house forming and assembly, our specialist metal etching teams help you bring your concept to production in days.

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micro-scale precision

Established to serve the growing demand for fine-featured, flat profile precision metal parts.

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