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Precision Metal Etching – The Solution to Small and Complex Designs in Modern Industries.

There is a continual trend across many industries towards smaller, more complex devices with higher levels of performance. Metal parts need to get smaller and more complex by the day yet must remain ultra-precise and able to be produced at a reasonable cost. This is where metal etching comes in.

The intricate components required to transform designs into actual products must be more precise than ever before. They must also be entirely burr and stress-free since the smallest irregularity will have a much larger effect on the end result.

The solution to this challenge is a precision metal etching from Tecan.

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Metal Etching Solutions For Life Sciences Organisation

By manufacturing stress-free, burr-free, micro-precision needles for the medical and surgical markets, Tecan enables the rejuvenation of patients’ skin. Needles that are non-invasive, pain-free and beneficial for all skin types. Not just a cosmetic treatment, but a product that helps provide real improvements in skincare around the world.

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Award-Winning Thermal Mass Flow Meter Solution

For accurate and repeatable gas mass flow measurement and control, precision is of essential importance. The award-winning thermal mass flow meter which we have developed with our customers incorporates a high precision laminar flow element solution with an integrated turbulence filter for mounting inside a fluid flow channel.

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